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Creative Industries Federation

Creative Industries Federation

Director of the Creative Industries Federation, the new national representative body for arts, culture and the creative industries across the UK.

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Turner Contemporary, Margate

Turner Contemporary

Chair of the board of Turner Contemporary, one of the UK's highest profile art galleries and regarded as one of the UK's most important culture-driven regeneration projects.

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The west must be tough on Putin – but it may take a generation to bring Russia back
Putin is the author of his country’s misfortune, and he will probably outlast his western opponents.
The Guardian, 17 November 2014

Why Farage is planning to fight them on the beaches of Kent
The multiple problems of British coastal resorts make them fertile Ukip ground, but culture-led regeneration can help their revival.
The Guardian, 27 August 2014

Posturing is no substitute for foreign policy
With a wary eye on Islamic radicals and Russian oligarchs at home, Britain has been slow to practise what it preaches.
The Times, 26 August 2014

'Putin is a pariah - he must now be treated as such'
After the terrible loss of MH17, Europe must now stand firm against Putin.
The Telegraph, 19 July 2014

Why Iraq is close to becoming a failed state
The nation’s surge towards civil war resurrects the question of what was gained by the US and British invasion of 2003
Sunday Telegraph, 15 June 2014

This so-called special relationship is all at sea
From the yacht search to the latest extradition, America always seems to have the upper hand
Times, 23 May 2014

"The Rich, a History"

The Rich: From Slaves to Super-Yachts: A 2,000-Year History

This new book synthesises thousands of years of human behaviour and asks the question: is the development of the globalised super-rich over the past twenty years anything new?

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